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Captial letters from J to R - Cursive Handwriting

We have explained cursive hand writting from A to I in previous lesson . If you missed previous lesson, don't worry Click here to go back to lesson #1 .

We will be explaining Capital letters Cursive handwriting from J to R in this lesson step by step. So stay with us. It is not tough all you have to watch the video with concentration and then practice. As we have already mentioned that beginner can use pencil in starting and then later they can practice with pen.

So guys what are you waiting for. Follow the instructions and steps which are explained in this youtube Video.

Steps and Methods for Cursive Handwriting Lesson #2 in Capital Letters J to R are explained in below youtube Video :-

We have explained J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R in this video.We hope it will help to improve your cursive handwriting. We will be explaining from S to Z in next video lesson.

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